Salvatore Pane routinely operates vehicles while intoxicated.

His license and privilege to drive has been revoked or suspended on at least six occasions.

He shows no remorse for his actions.

Denies Responsibility

“All of the Defendant’s statements were lies, told to members of the Nassau County Policy Department in order to avoid responsibility for the crimes he had committed.”

Uses 9/11

“When being placed in custody the defendant stated ‘Don’t do this I’m married and have a kid…and my father died in 9-11-2001’….”

Uses Other People

“…and he also stated ‘I Know Tom Souzzi and Steve Levy’s my cousin. I have both their numbers in my phone.’…”

Has no Remorse

“The Defendant’s false statements are consistent with the Defendant’s track record of displaying no accountability and no remorse”

Refuses to Learn

“It is clear the Defendant has not learned anything from his arrests and convictions.”

Gets Rearrested

“…he got rearrested during the course of this trial for driving to court with a revoked/suspended license.”

Don't let him get away with it.

Salvator Pane thinks he can repeatedly put the public at risk without it affecting him.

He owns a business called BioRecovery. If he can’t be trusted to drive sober, why should he be trusted with your money?

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